Islamabad Literature Festival 2019 kills ‘Aam’

Islamabad Literature Festival 2019 kills 'Aam'

Islamabad Literature Festival 2019 kills ‘Aam’

Mentioning Ghalib was common in the three-day Sixth Literature Festival held in Islamabad, but this time, the mango was wandering around like a spirit.

There are screens installed in every corner of the hotel and it is not difficult for anyone to screen what is happening inside closed rooms. These screens are displayed at the same time as various talks, poets, and poets of the Literature Festival.

One of these sessions is happening on mangoes.

It was a farewell season of mangoes or the author’s charm that the deities of these special mangoes gathered as they do today.

But there were also so many mad people who saw the bursting mango that it exploded on the gardener and the owner of the mango that was not properly cultivated.

The author gave many explanations, but the discussion went awry.

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One of the critics wandered so much that he declared all the mango characters to be US agents, all of them passengers on the same boat. Instead of giving specifics now, Mohammad Hanif quietly acknowledges his rightful connection with Mango.

Speaking on the types of humor, journalist Nazish Brohi spoke. Mohammad Hanif also revealed a new type of military humor in the light of his previous experience and quoted Sir Ghafoor. Could not stay

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The author says that his Urdu translation novel was not published for many years, so he told the publisher that you should publish, do not be afraid, anyway ‘he’ did not understand anything ten years ago. ۔

There was a laugh everywhere, including those who warned that ten years had passed since the novel written in English, now caution is better.

Mehreen Aziz of The Library Project asked the author what did he think of the military dictator?

This question is as if the author’s hand was on his vein.

He said that the only thing that came out of the books written in the 11 years of the military era and journalists sitting near Zia was that they were very simple, just following the fast.

It was a situation where, after deliberating, the author decided a post mortem of a mango patty.

The onset began, when the author exploded in translation from one language to another, which he must have done on different names, including Pate Amaan da Siap۔, the assassin, and the ship exploded.

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At the end of the mango season, the author claimed that he was fortunate enough to have all 130 words spoken in the Armed Forces around the world, explaining his purpose in life.

However, the translator of the novel further claimed that when it comes to Pakistan, it also includes 30 additional Punjabi words which are understood by the people of the language, Pathan and Sindhi.

If you feel tired or somewhat bored at the festival, the bookstalls are full of rush and if you are feeling hungry then the traditional food stalls nearby are offering different deals.

There are also some senior politicians involved in the festival, it is not known what they mean by Dell One and Dell Two but the common man has not objected to them. Maybe this deal isn’t heavy on their budget.

‘Humor in the Age of Change’

Journalist and columnist Nadeem Farooq Paracha appeared at his desk this session. He was the captain of the session and his score continued to rise.

The best partnership was with Fasihuddin Zaki, Ali Aftab Syed and George Fulton. Who has hosted the TV show with the wife of Wasim Akram.

Nadeem Paracha fulfilled his duty and made it clear that this cricketer is talking about Wasim Akram and not Wasim Akram Plus.

Imran Khan’s address to the UN General Assembly was discussed in several aspects.

Nadeem Farooq Paracha said that it has to be recognized that Imran Khan is very committed to the rights of minorities living outside the country. He said that humor takes place where there is no freedom of expression, but now it also reacts. Comes. In his argument, The Nation cited pressure from a cartoonist in the newspaper because of his sketch.

George Fulton, who is also a Pakistani national, said we had more freedom during Musharraf’s military career. They think the English media is now under pressure and silent.

‘Life is the name of a heart of hearts’

Senator Raza Rabbani acknowledged the fact that he was a Dale in every 50 years, citing a book written in his prison in the presence of Zafarullah Poshani, who was a prisoner in the Rawalpindi conspiracy case in the 50s.

In the presence of MNA Nafisa Shah and journalist Zahid Hussain, Raza Rabbani acknowledged that in every period there were efforts to get some relief, which was initiated by the Communist Party of Pakistan, and as a result, civilian space has been reduced. ۔

The session was chaired by journalist Awais Tawheed.

Zafarullah Poshani himself has mentioned the poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Sajjad Zaheer, Major Ishaq and other characters in the bait and recorded the memoirs with them. Zafarullah Poshani learned from Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Sajjad Zaheer in Urdu Jail after which he decided to write his book in Urdu.

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The ceremony of the book also featured Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s daughter Maniza Hashmi, who used to visit her father with her mother in childhood, and she also saw the cat that her father Faiz Ahmed Faiz feared.

Reza Rabbani said that when he read the book Zafarullah Poshani written in jail, it seemed as if it was all written on today’s conditions or as if a tape recorder was gone in the 50’s today.

According to him, the slogans were that the political parties had become dysfunctional and that martial law was the only solution to the problems. No change was made.

In this apt, the author also mentioned some of the misdeeds in the prison.

‘Economy, eighteenth amendment and conflict of interests’

Dr Ishrat Hussain said that the elite had hijacked all the institutions. In his view, the change in Bangladesh is due to the participation of women in the social and economic sectors. Their inclusion has had a good impact on the country’s economy.

Former Secretary of Finance Waqar Masood said that whatever government comes, it wants to spend more. After the Eighteenth Amendment, the resources are transferred to the provinces, which makes it difficult for defense budgets and debt payments.

The federation is forced to borrow more for more spending. But the problem is that the provinces do not transfer their resources to the local governments. Dr Ishrat Hussain claimed that Imran Khan has devised a system for transparency, he is no longer self-effacing. He says Imran Khan does not do any business.

Addressing the closing ceremony, Anwar Maqsood recounted his new exciting dialogue. He said that instead of Allama Iqbal’s dream staring at the stars, the moon now sees those who cannot see their back.

Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam’s dialogue were also heard. Looking at the current situation in which Allama says that I did not dream of Quaid and Quaid says that I did not make it Pakistan.

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