India: Home taps in Kerala start pouring liquor

India: Home taps in Kerala start pouring liquor

India: Home taps in Kerala start pouring liquor

It is normal to have beer from a tap on a tap. But if the ‘cocktail’ of beer brandy and rum starts to tap into your home, the same thing is happening to residents of a residential building in the southern Indian state of Kerala.

This mix of cocktail or liquor suggests a strange strategy to dispose of six thousand liters of beer, brandy, and rum illegal liquor by the occupants of a residential building in an apartment building on Solomon Ave, in the city’s Chalakondi area. Thank you.

Joshi Millikal, a resident of the residential building, told BBC Hindi that the Excise Department officials dug a large pot near their apartments on Sunday and poured 6,000 liters of beer, brandy and rum. He said that on Monday morning, he and his tenant noticed that the smell of alcohol was coming out of their kitchen taps.

Six thousand liters of different liquors joined the underground water reservoir, where drinking water was being supplied to these eighteen apartments through pumps.

He said that because of the supply of drinking water, none of the children living in the building could go to school and their parents went to work.

In the event of a disturbance, people contacted local municipal authorities and police. After the situation surfaced, the Excise Department officials realized their mistake and immediately offered to provide alternatives to supply water to the people.

This sudden onset of a Monday morning became a headache for people when they learned that the well in which the water was contaminated with alcohol was their only source of water.

Water supply from wells is very common in Kerala and besides pipes, wells are a great alternative to water supply.

Joshi added that 5,000 thousand liters of water is being provided daily, which is too low to meet the needs of the families living in their apartments. He said that water is being drained from the well for the last three consecutive years but the water has not yet been cleaned, it will take more than a week.

A local court has ordered the Excise Department officials to dispose of liquor stored in a liquor store closed for the past six years. The brewery was raided six years ago on suspicion of selling illegal liquor, after which it was promoted.

Excise officials declined to comment on the incident, saying they were too busy.

But an official told BBC Hindi on condition of anonymity that the usual way to get rid of illegal alcohol is to put out the fire. He said that because of such large quantities of alcohol, the department decided to release it in a way that would not have any air pollution.

A local police official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that if a complaint was filed about it, it would be processed because a well was contaminated with water.

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