Horia Rape: A girl playing drums at the courtyards

Horia Rape: A girl playing drums at the courtyards

Horia Rape: A girl playing drums at the courtyards

In Pakistan, the city of Lahore, in the Punjab province of Dargah Shah Jamal has more than usual rash today. According to centuries-old traditions, Niyazandars gather here every Thursday.

Some are just declaring the flowers of the devotion by reading the winners, so the mantras and monks who come to ask for prayers are busy praying with their hands raised from the net of the shrine. The fortunate ones who have had bad intentions are not feeding the hungry with flowers.

But there is a different view in the courtyard of the shrine. The sound of the drum is saying that Dhamal is being put down, and the poor and mingling are dancing. Some fans are saving the scene on their smartphones while others are trying their hand at selfies.

But the life of the scene is neither milling nor the front camera smartphones.

The focus of the gathering is the medium-sized girl, who is beating the drum in her throat spreading hair. Wearing a new model’s watch on the wrist with Nike’s orange snickers in jeans and a T-shirt top, Nike’s orange sneakers don’t look anywhere too traditional.

They are rape.

A source of pain relief

One cold January afternoon, when I arrived at Defense Phase 3 at her home to meet Horia, she was still asleep. She said that she often spends the night at the courtyards and therefore sleeps late at night. On my question of how unique and unique a fond playing drum was, he said that he had never been fond of music.

“During a short period of time in 2012 and 2013, I had a number of tragedies that changed my life. First my father, then son and then husband died. That was a very difficult time for me. I was alone. ‘

‘I took the pain and anger away from the drum. I bought a drum. I didn’t know how to play, but I used to beat him constantly to get my fistrations removed. That was how I felt so comfortable. ‘


The drum purchased to deal with personal trauma sowed the badge of music within Huria. They came out of the grief of their own fall, but now the ghost of learning this instrument has come to them. What was it then, they started looking for a teacher.

‘I decided that I should get regular drum training. When I started looking for a teacher, I found out that this instrument was connected to the shrines where the monks play it. ‘

In this way, Huria Asmat was met with dumb bees and moths, who are also famous dolls themselves. He took Huria into his disciple and began drum training.

Hard physical work

But maybe Huria didn’t realize how hard the job was.

‘At that time I was a medical student and this article was very difficult for me. But when I started learning drums, I started to feel medically easy. ‘

Huria recalls that while their facilities were nail polish and manicure, they were injuring their hands during drum training.

“In the beginning, it was a punishment to carry that weighty drum. In the beginning, I could only play it for a few seconds. When drumming hit the hand repeatedly, the fingers were peeled off and wound. Now the texture of the fingers of my hands has changed.

Fighting people

In a society where girls have to fight for family and society for basic rights such as education, if one day a daughter wakes up and declares that she will play drums on the doorsteps, the reaction of the family is natural.

‘It was then drumming and he was also wearing masculine clothing on the shrines. So first I had to fight the family, then explain the society. In my case, my friends did not give any special encouragement. ‘

‘Yes, of course, after a while my mother started supporting me. They knew that I was going through what I was thinking. So that’s how they became my side. ”

But Huria still seems unconcerned with the behavior of the clergy.

‘We are also exaggerated by the slightest mistake of a woman here. People still look for excuses as to where I make a mistake. They live in the same place where the ‘take’ has gone and where a word has been lost so that I can be looked down upon. ”

Lonely girl in the dead

The courtyards of Olivia Karam have always been a public place where women are rarely seen. Often women are not allowed to enter shrines by resorting to social and religious traditions. In such a case, if a girl becomes the focus of the courtesans, then surely this is an insane thing.

“I have spent most of my childhood with my brother,” says Huria Asmat. That is why it was not strange for me to perform among men in shrines and shrines. But when I was encouraged by the media and non-governmental organizations, I realized that it was really courageous. ‘

It is certainly a strange sight for people to see Hurriyat rape in a world of many kilos of drumming.

“When I started playing at the courtyards, it was something unique. People used to come to see a girl playing drums. Now everyone knows me at these shrines. The mills, the poor, the shopkeepers all know me as a drummer. Not everyone gets the pleasure to play drums at the shrine. ”

Nowadays, Huria performs in concerts by forming bands. But for those who enjoy playing drums with men and mullahs at the court, it is not on the concert stage.

‘I go into a trance playing drums at the shrines. Four or five hours after the drums do not get tired. One of the benefits of playing drums on the shrines is that there is exercise. Since it is difficult to play drums in residential areas for fear of noise, the gates serve this purpose. ‘

Crazy job

Huria says playing drums at shrines is something that requires madness.

“It’s not like learning this job in half a year is enough. An age is required, and then it becomes a burden to go somewhere. It is the maker of thought that has to leave both the world and the worldly things. ‘

But Horea also wants to balance her spiritual and worldly life. She is now married and the mother of a two-year-old son.

‘My husband and in-laws have embraced me wholeheartedly and have never tried to change me. Now my spiritual and spiritual life has become one which gives me immense happiness. ‘

‘The drum chose me’

According to Huria Asmat, they did not adopt drum as a fashion but for them it was a lifestyle.

‘Understand that I did not choose the drum, but the drum chose me. Initially, I used this instrument to remove my fistration and eliminate loneliness. But now the drum has become a part of my body. When I hugged the drum, he said, “Play me, I’ll play.”

“The big ones didn’t say that, it’s like drinking drunk flowers.”

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