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cool math games shutting down

cool math games shutting down, a popular flash game website and a mainstay of Generation Z Culture, is not shutting down in 2020. Three days ago, Reddit user u / OneHappyPie threw R / Teens into a panic by announcing in an add-on post that the website was shutting down after Adobe shut down Flash support in late 2020 (a fact that has since 2017 Is known).

However, children and young adults who habitually return to games such as runs or the world’s toughest games need not worry about losing their favorites. Polygon has confirmed with CoolMath Games that the site will not be closed as a result of the flash shutdown. A representative told Polygon that while the concern seems to be primarily tied to Flash games, the site itself has been focused on HTML5 games for years; Many old favorite flash games have been converted to HTML5 as still remain playable.

An apology post on r / teen has since removed his claims, but for three days, a wave of anxiety raged since the original poster. The 2,800 comments on the original Reddit post are the most disappointing and a lot of FS has been pressed to pay respects. One tweet claimed that the site was shutting down and made more minor rounds, but still got about 400 retweets. Perhaps most strikingly is that a petition in which Microsoft, Google and President Donald Trump were addressed as adjudicators signed about 143,000 signatures in three days. was launched in 1997 … well, make math cool and fun. Affiliate sites Coolmath4Kids and Coolmath Games followed and pivoted in games from mathematics interpreters. The affinity for the site appears to be relatively dependent on the generation: those who remember the Coolmath Games as an integral part of our teachings probably originated in 1995 or later.

The site’s fame lies in the fact that it is educational, despite the fact that not all of its games are explicitly tied to mathematics or logic. As such, it was generally accessible on restrictive school Internet networks and relieved entertainment or stress during long school days. As one sign on the petition stated, “[Coolmath Games] was for me when school was a donkey.”

Given that the site will survive the flash shutdown of 2020, its library still exists for the future of apathetic young adults, teens and children alike.

No, Coal Meth games aren’t stopping: The company’s Fisheries didn’t hit this site after stopping Flash 2020

Rumor has it that the Cool Meth Games, a recreational site for schoolchildren in the United States, is spreading like wildfire this week. This site has long been a favorite among elementary students as it provides a safe place where they can access educational sports and recreation both inside and outside the school. With millions of users around the world, fans are worried about the website shutting down. The concern is so intense, in fact, that a petition has been launched at Change.R in hopes of stopping the shutdown. So far more than 600,000 signatures have been collected in this application and every minute it is getting more and more profitable.

So how did this rumor begin? Is Cloth Mathematics Really Deadly?

It’s unclear when the rumor began, though the first conversation around Reddit and the web took place around June 1. Posters cited the site’s alleged closure date on February 16, 2020. The reason for the shutdown is that Adobe will shut down support for Flash in 2020. Adobe has encouraged users to convert Flash users to other new formats, such as HTML5, on their website. Many well-known browsers like Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari are already blocking Flash by default, but all support will be officially terminated in 2020.

Although some offers of Coal Meth games are still using Flash, there are many games that have already been converted to HTML 5. Additionally, this site makes no mention of closing in the future or abandoning support for the sports library.

The future of the Newsweek site reaches A company spokeswoman confirmed that the site was not closing.

“We’ve seen this rumor floating around lately, but there’s no truth to it,” said Mel Crosby, chief product officer. “We’ve been focusing on HTML5 games for years. We’ve also changed the number of our old Flash games to HTML5, so people can keep playing them.”

Cool math Games debuted in 1997 and has expanded its offerings to several webpages, including,, and Each site is focused on offering various educational resources such as brain training, logic puzzles, and facts review games, as well as lessons and guides, to learn math topics in algebra, pre-calculus and more.

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