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cool math games papa’s scooperia to go apk

So cool math games papa’s scooperia has finally been released for PC and Mobile (HD / To Go) and I finally got the chance to play it. These are my first impressions. If you haven’t already played or haven’t seen the footage, you want to avoid it.

Credit to the Yoshi Buy Gaming 3200, the introduction is really cool. Carlo Romano / Coley / Customs worker arrives in Onita Town (look at Papa’s scoparia and look for bags of workers, says onion) to get a little look. And then after a long day of buying photos and souvenirs, Carlo / Cooley / the customs worker has to choose to sleep in a cheap motel that has no vacancies or no empty hotels. The worker chooses a rich hotel and pays the door (Guy Mortadillo). He then takes the worker to the room and the worker goes to bed soon. As he does, Guy Mortadello goes with the workers’ money and gifts. When the worker wakes up, he starts to hear loud noises. Then they see Papa Louie, James, Mary, and the newcomer Skype, Papa’s Scoparia in all the buildings. When Carlo / Cooley / the customs worker tells Papa Louis about everything, they have an idea. And that’s how Carlo / Cooley / Customs Workers work in Papa’s Scoparia.

Papa’s Scopieria is in Onon Town, where the only Surge fan lives. The Papa Louie series in Onata Town has a train station for traveling to and from other cities. Other places worth mentioning in Owen Town are Alice Reservation, Bytere Fish Market, and Owen Town High School. Although only people who know the cities are sergeants and fanatics, it is possible for me to come up with some more users.

(This is not what I was looking for but it is the best I have found. So a typical customer gets a scoop of ice cream and a cookie (refer to the Alberto picture). But nearby and Jojo gets 3 scoops and 3 cookies. This puts you in extra work. But there is something more interesting. So Star Consumers are special (5 bronze stars, 10 silver, 15 gold, and then they are gone. Well in this game they start the routine with a scoop, but when they become a Bronze Star customer So they order two scoops, and when they are a Silver Star customer they order 3 scoops. This is a great idea and should apply to most of these games, (suppose Stream is not ending soon).

So my final opinion. So did I enjoy playing this game? Most of the games were interesting. I loved the story and the gameplay was great. I have some issues but they are minor. So it’s not too negative to say about this game. Hopefully, when I get to Papa Louie, the end will be amazing. Of course, I will not end it because I am not God and I am not dedicated to waking up at 12 and will wait for this game to go on. So if I had to rate the game.

cool math games papa's scooperia to go apk
cool math games papa’s scooperia to go apk

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