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Cool Math Games Jelly Truck Download

Cool Math Games Jelly Truck’s most recent trailer has the demeanor of a silly sitcom, which is just strengthened by the sim’s arrangement. You’ve acquired a truck from your dad, moved to another town and now you must utilize your trucking abilities to gain regard from a vivid cast of characters. And furthermore do a few wrongdoings, evidently.

Producing ties with the neighborhood network will include a touch of obscure business, as indicated by the trailer, including carrying “bananas” and disposing of a trailer to assist a person with a heap of obligation. It’s maybe not the most advantageous approach to make companions, however, there will likewise be a lot of legitimate gigs for you to take on.

Characters, like Sven, the hot logger, will extend to better employment opportunities as your relationship improves, and assisting local people additionally grows the town. Perhaps it’s on the grounds that Sven’s chest can’t be contained by his shirt, yet I’m getting dating sim vibes and I particularly endorse.

Cool Math Games Jelly Truck sims ordinarily cook towards players hoping to diagram their own course or simply go for a capricious drive, however, I generally wind up wanting a story, so this appears to be straight up my road. While it’s more story-driven, it’s as yet an open world sandbox where you can drive around at your recreation, getting occupations, tweaking your truck or sprinkling out on another ride.

Download Jelly Truck apk 1.0.7 for Android. Jam vehicles in jam world … Everything is made of jam, so this truck driving game is very testing! Good karma!


Utilize the here and there bolt keys to drive forward or in reverse, and utilize the left or right bolt keys to tilt your truck. Drive your way through the jam world and arrive at the end goal in each level. Try not to get squashed!

Cool Math Games Jelly Truck Download
Cool Math Games Jelly Truck Download

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