Bakhtawar’s legal notice, Benazir’s book event canceled

Bakhtawar's legal notice, Benazir's book event canceled

Bakhtawar’s legal notice, Benazir’s book event canceled

Organizers of the Literature Festival, which began Friday in Karachi, have canceled the ceremony of the book of former Ambassador and politician Abida Hussein after the legal notice was sent by Bakhtawar Bhutto, daughter of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

Abida Hussein’s new book Special Star: Benazir Bhutto highlights the various aspects of the life of the first Pakistani Prime Minister.

However, Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari in his Twitter messages on Thursday criticized Abida Hussein and said, “Ten years after my mother’s death, lies have been written about her when she could not defend herself. Will not tolerate it. ‘

Legal notices have been sent by Bakhtawar Bhutto to Abida Hussain, Managing Director of Oxford University Press, and Amina Syed and Salmi Adil, founders of KLF.

In this legal notice, he accuses Abida Hussein of showing his false affiliation to Benazir and giving a false impression about him and trying to discredit the PPP.

In the notice, Amina Syed was warned not to immediately stop the book event in KLF.

In this regard, Amina Syed told the BBC that she had stopped the ceremony and also removed Abida Hussein’s name from the list of the festival’s authors while editing the program’s new schedule.

“See, we published this book and we were planning to release it in KLF. Currently we have canceled the release and stopped selling the book.”

Amina Syed said, “At that time we have personally approached the experts who will also read the book and take further action as we take such a mistake very seriously.”

In this book, Abida Hussein mentions Benazir’s early life in which he was educated, the execution of his father Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and the first meeting with Abida Hussein in 1975.

In addition, there is mention of Benazir’s first regime, the fall of this government, then the second regime and then the deportation.

Talking to the BBC, Abida Hussein said he received a call from Oxford University Press informing him that he had been issued three notices and one had been issued.

He said, “I do not understand because I have not written anything negative, mostly I wrote his (Benazir Bhutto’s) praise and he did not even specify what was said to him. I am yet to receive a notice – let’s see what happens. The Lahore Lottery Festival is also coming up. It may be the event.

The legal notice issued by the PPP leadership states that “the author of the book has shown himself to be BB’s friend in the foreword, which is as wrong as the other reviews in the book.” Is’

In addition, the party believes that the book is being written and published ten years after Benazir’s death, in which he cannot defend himself, which is equivalent to the humiliation of Ms and her followers.

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