Angry displeasure at making fun of white

Angry displeasure at making fun of white

Angry displeasure at making fun of white

Indian film actress Anushta Chatterjee has strongly criticized the TV show ‘Comedy Nights Bachao’ for making fun of her son-in-law.

35-year-old Tanisha Chatterjee arrived in the TV show with the film director Lena Yadav and actress Radhika Apte in connection with the promotion of her film ‘Parched’.

٭ ‘Indian society is crazy behind the whites’

But when she was mocked, she got up from the middle of the show. He then protested this through a Facebook post.

He wrote that for half of the show, his color was being joked about, he kept waiting while the subject might change, but when that didn’t happen, he left the show.

He wrote in his post, ‘I was asked once. You are a Brahmin. Was your mother also a Brahmin? After that I was indirectly hinted at why my color is still sandalwood.

‘This distinction is deeply ingrained in our thinking, discriminated against because of caste and color. Higher essence means brighter colors, which can be mixed. The lower castes mean sandal or black and they are untouchable. ‘

After the post went viral, the show’s broadcasting channel, ‘Killers TV’, has apologized briefly, saying that the questionable part of the show will not be broadcast.

Killers features comedian Krishna and Bharti Singh on a comedy ‘Comedy Nights Save’ on TV.

Cricketer Brett Lee, who played the lead role in Australia and India’s joint film ‘In Indian’, says that there is no racial discrimination in Australia, while Indian actress Tanishaha says that Indian society is white.

In an exclusive talk to the BBC, former cricketer Brett Lee said: “There is no racial discrimination in Australia, people of all cultures and colors are welcome here.”

٭ ‘Everyone said black is not going to go to the movies’

While Indian actress Tanishaha, who worked with her in the same film, says: “Indian society is crazy behind the whites and commercial cinema is adding to that feeling.”

She says: ‘We have many big stars like Kajol, Rani Mukherjee, Bipasha Basu, Smita Patel who were not gory but we (Sanole) people have to fight different battles not only here but all over the world. ‘

Tanisha plays the role of a girl named Me in an Indo-Australian film called ‘In Indian’, who is an independent woman with modern ideas and speaks for women’s rights in every respect. ‘

Anisha says: ‘It was recently revealed that Hollywood Mail is a domineering industry. Likewise, Bollywood is also mostly mail-dominated, but gradually there are welcome changes in our country and the world regarding women’s freedom and equality with men. Although this path is still long, we are moving forward. ”

Tanisha has believed that in order to move forward, every woman has to fight for her part.

Laughing at the Indian Censorship Board’s objection to the intimate scenes in the film with Brett Lee, she says: ‘Looking at the history of censorship around the world, it seems that as much as any artist, the filmmaker will be controlled or censored. That is what we will defend. The result of the sensor or the government it wants to control never fails. If you do more censorship then we will go the other way but we will definitely say our word. ‘

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