# psl2020: psl ke saath pahachaane jaane vaale khilaadee

# psl2020: psl ke saath pahachaane jaane vaale khilaadee paakistaan supar leeg phaiv pichhale chaar toornaamenton se alag hai jisamen sabhee maich is baar paakistaan mein khele ja rahe hain. 2016 mein paakistaan supar leeg ke shubhaarambh ke baad se bees paakistaanee kriketaron ne apane tee 20 antararaashtreey kariyar keeContinue Reading

پی ایس ایل 5 کے غیر ملکی کرکٹرز میں کون کون فتح گر؟

Who won in PSL 5 foreign cricketers? Pakistan Super League Five is different from the previous four tournaments in that all matches are being played in Pakistan this time. Twenty Pakistani cricketers have begun their T20 international careers since the inauguration of the Pakistan Super League in 2016, most ofContinue Reading

#BANvPAK: 'However misfortune is a test cricket'

#BANvPAK: ‘However misfortune is a test cricket’ When Mahmudullah came to play cap stunt, Rawalpindi’s group was at his work area. When Naseem Shah remained at his imprint for the run up, there was such a reverberation of trademarks as to be the World Cup last and the match mustContinue Reading